Hey! Early days! This page will flesh out more as the game progresses. Check out the main blog page for updates, I will blog as I build the game.

Franic! title screen

Franic! is a game I am making for the Neo Geo. It is a "competitive platformer", a genre that I don't think has been explored much. It is essentially a cross between a fighter and a platformer.

Like a fighter, you choose your character and fight on a stage. The winner of the game is decided best 2 out of 3. The goal is to collect as much loot as possible in the time limit, while navigating obstacles, avoiding enemies, wall jumping, air dashing, and generally surviving in a platformer oriented arena.


  • Engine: well established and getting pretty mature.
  • Game design: established but being iterated on
  • Graphics: very early, mostly just placeholder for now
  • Audio: extremely early, all placeholder or none at all

Wait, three players?

One goal I have is to make this a three player game. I plan to build a multitap for the Neo Geo using an Arduino. At this point, I am confident I can get a solid three player experience working. I am also pushing for four, but less confident there.

Help Wanted!

I'd love to join up with a pixel artist and/or musician. My main skills are programming.