Neo Geo Dev Tools

All of these tools are open source (hosted on github) and cross platform


A command line tool which converts Neo Geo ROMs into the format used by the NeoSD flash cart. It supports all commercial ROMs but was really built to aid in homebrew development. My testing between it and NeoBuilder (TerraOnion's official tool) shows it builds identical .neo files.

There is now a web version, convert a ROM right in your browser.


Converts pngs into S ROMs and C ROMs. Currently alpha quality at best, but I am continually working on it as I am using it to build my game. It is a rather powerful graphics converter, it supports:
  • Tile deduplication
  • Palette merging
  • LSPC Auto animations
  • Eyecatcher
  • Code generation

It is also the graphics tool being used in my Neo Geo Development Book.


A website for viewing the tiles in S and C ROMs. Very useful while developing to ensure your ROMs are getting created as you expect. Also fun to peak at commercial games with it.

Neo Geo Gif Maker

Not a development tool, and also very raw and experimental, but what the hell. This tool lets you create animated gifs from Neo Geo backgrounds. I used it to add more backgrounds to my fighting game backgrounds website.